Old Sod Folk Society of Ottawa


Click below to look at various PDFs of the Old Sod Society newsletter and concert posters. 

Below is a list of the performers that were featured during the 1980s-1990s concert series:

The Tannahill Weavers





Hang the Piper

Peter Bellamy

Reel Union


James Keelaghan

Ian Robb

Shelley Posen

Michael Cooney

Devil's Pipe

Martyn Wyndham-Read


Joe and Antoinette McKenna

Roy Bailey

Alistair Brown

Rare Air

Paddy Tutty

The Friends of Fiddler's Green X2

Saul Broudy

Ken Whiteley

Ian Robb and Grit Laskin

Muddy York

Alistair Anderson

Tracy Schwarz



Ron Gonnella

Six Mile Bridge and Ian Robb

Margaret Christl



Rude Girls

Howie Bursen

John Kirkpatrick

Patrick Street

John Roberts

Pete Morton

Enoch Kent and Ian Bell

The Battlefield Band


Hamish Imlach

Cathy Winter

Dolores Keane Band

Pete Coe


Tom Paxton

Alan Jones and Alain Leroux

Rick Avery and Judy Greenhill

Atlantic Bridge

The House Band

Buttons & Bows

Phil Cunningham

Ad Vielle Que Pourra


Doug Cummings


Six Feet Under (stepdancers)

The Last Minute Band


Gabriel Yacoub

Sneezy Waters

Eileen McGann

Pete Sutherland

Tom Lewis

Bermuda Quadrangle

Tip Splinter

Jim Payne

Jim Payne and Kelly Russell

Mick Moloney

June Tabor

The Harbord Trio

Martin Simpson

Ian Robb and David Parry

Sheila White and Joanne Meis

The Poodles

The Anne Lederman Trio


Lewis, Pint and Dale

Archie, Cilla, and Ray Fisher

Roy Harris X2



Brian Bowers

Bobby Watt

Noel Hill


Nowell Sing We Clear

Four Men & a Dog

Utah Phillips

Jeter le Pont

Jeff Warner and Jeff Davis

Chris Shaw

Jerry Holland

Bob Bossin

Tomas Lynch

Jez Lowe & the Bad Pennies

The Schryer Family


Jean-Pierre Rasle

Craobh Rua

Brian Peters

The Wrigley Sisters

Jeff Davis

Mad Pudding

Fear of Drinking

Dent de Lion

Vin Garbutt

Sara Grey

Dick Gaughan

Philip Murphy

Leon Rosselson

Tony Cuffe and Billy Jackson

Reid-Taheny Band

Loretto Reid and Brian Taheny

The South Dumphries Dawnbreakers

Janet Russell and Christine Kydd

Hamish Moore and Rod Paterson

Brendan Nolan and Gerry O'Neill

Maggie Boyle and Steve Tilston

Archie Fisher and Garnet Rogers

The Watersons with Martin Carthy

Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick

Martin Carthy and John Kirkpatrick

Andy M. Stewart and Manus Lunny

Rufus Guinchard, Jim Payneand Kelly Russell

Rufus Guinchard and Kelly Russell

Maire ni Chathasaigh and Chris Newman

Two Thousand Years of Christmas (Trilogy) X2

Finest Kind and Old Sod Band(benefit)

Finest Kind (CD Launch, and Benefit Concert)

Finest Kind

Catherine Crowe with Martin Gould and Ian Goodfellow

Erin Cassidy Band, plus Don Kavanagh

Jacqui McDonald and Bridie O'Donnell

Tracy Schwarz and Ginny Hawker

Chris Sherburn and Denny Bartley

Saved by the Chicken Wings (The Bad Tie Band)

Marc Benoit and friends (Benoit Bourque, Reynald Ouellet, Marcel Messervier)

Pierre Schryer, James Stephens and Nathan Curry(Dog's Breakfast)