Old Sod Concerts

James Keelaghan & Jez Lowe

A co-production with Red Bird Live.

Thursday, March 14th 2024, at Red Bird Live, 1165 Bank Street, Ottawa.

Tickets $35, available here

A chance-meeting at a folk festival almost thirty years ago has led to a musical collaboration between two celebrated singer-songwriters, James Keelaghan from Canada and Jez Lowe from England, that has seen them play to audiences around the globe, from North America to Australia and to Europe, and which continues to this day.
Every couple of years they each take a break from their busy solo careers to share stages and songs and inspire each other with their voices, their wit and a friendship that lights up each performance. The pair share an Irish heritage that certainly informs their writing and brings with it an enthusiasm for boundary-breaking and story-telling in song that is both infectious and enthralling, timeless and contemporary, unpredictable and yet focused. In other words, they surely and inevitably bring the best out of each other.